TM UniFi Online Registration

Apply Online Now – FREE Installation and Equipment worth RM800!

Are you unified yet?

You can now apply for UniFi or upgrade your Streamyx Broadband to UniFi High Speed Broadband. You do not need to wait till your Streamyx contract is over. All Streamyx Broadband packages can be upgraded to UniFi High Speed Broadband without penalty. We are pleased to inform you that the FREE Installation Promotion worth RM200 for new UniFi subscribers has now been extended until futher notice.

Why Register Online with Us (TM Authorised Reseller)?

  1. Applying Online through us and Applying at TMPoint is the Same
    • No upfront payment and no hidden fees
    • All fees will be billed by TM after your installation is completed and the Unifi service is activated
  2. You will be provided with a new TM Telephone No.
  3. No need to queue up at TMPoint – Time saving and cost saving
  4. We are Open 24 hours a day, 7days a week! Apply at your convenience – anytime you want to, wherever you are!
  5. Your application will be processed immediately and you will be informed the next working day.

Video Internet and Phone with TM Unifi Broadband

Enjoy FREE Calls to TM fixed lines nationwide, Internet TV (HyppTV) and the fastest broadband from TM.

Unifi Consumer Plans
Terms and Conditions
  1. Minimum subscription period for UniFi is 24 months.
  2. First month bill will reflect 1 month current and 1 month advance subscription fees.
    For example, for VIP 5, RM149 x 2 = RM348.
  3. FREE Installation Promotion for UniFi worth RM200 until further notice.
  4. FREE installation covers standard installation of 15 metres only. Please refer to installation guide for more information.

Home Application

Apply Unifi in 3 simple steps.

  • Step 1. Choose your package
  • Step 2: Fill up the UniFi Online Application Form
  • Step 3: Submit your application together with supporting documents. Our Customer Care personnel will contact you to confirm your Online Application.
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    New I. C. / Passport No:
    Mobile No: (01X-XXXXXXX)*
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    City: *
    Preferred Login ID : *  
    For TM Streamyx customer only.
    TM Homeline No:
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    Upload Copy of Your I.C. /
    Passport (Both sides):
    If you are unable to upload your documents for any reason, kindly email your documents to : or fax directly to: (03) 27720946.

    Download the application form for TM Unifi and fax or post the completed application form with the proper documentation to us.

    Download Unifi Home Application Form
    By submitting my application I agree with the Terms & Conditions
    The privacy of our visitors is of extreme importance to us. This privacy policy document outlines the types of personal information is received and collected by and how it is used.
    View Our Privacy Policy

    *IPTV (UniFi HyppTV) is only available with UniFi Residential VIP packages. The monthly download volume policy will not be implemented until further notice.

    TM UniFi Business Broadband

    Bring Your Business up to Speed

    High Speed Broadband for Your Business

    TM’s UniFi high speed broadband service brings you the worlds of Internet and Phone for your greater business advancement. For your reference, the packages you see here are termed ‘BIZ’, developed specially for businesses, and the associated numbers indicate the download speed.

    Enjoy Calls to TM Fixed Line Nationwide for Only 5 sen/minute and 15 sen/minute to All Mobile and Other Fixed Line Operators!!

    With Internet speeds up to 20Mbps and Phone (Voice service). UniFi will revolutionise the way your business performs. Enjoy Unlimited Bandwidth. No Capping on Downloads/Uploads or Speed.


    UniFi BIZ10 and BIZ20 packages with Dynamic IP now available at RM289 and RM359 only. Optimize Your High Speed Broadband Experience

    UniFi Business Packages

    Unifi Business Plans

    No UniFi? Check out the latest Business Broadband Packages (Now up to 8Mbps)